Insider 3000

Insider 3000 gives way to OverCharts our new technical analysis and trading platform


OverCharts is the new platform, ready to grow day by day. New web site. New ambitions. A large number of professional new features, the interaction between users, and a great spirit of cooperation, are the basis of the development of OverCharts


The current users of Insider 3000, with a regular license serial number, can download the last version of the program here: download





The our new platform:

  • Professional
  • Fast
  • Real-Time
  • Multi-Brokers
  • Multi-Providers
  • Powerful Graphic Engine
  • Multi-Programming Languages (OverBasic, C#, Visual Basic .NET), to develop trading systems, indicators etc.
  • Advanced strategy backtesting
  • Chart Trading, Auto-trading, regular trading
  • Alerts, Market scanner, best/worst securities
  • New Layout
  • .. and more and more.. More Info